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Minimise the impact of any downtime with a cost-effective and secure ClouDRaaS solution from BTL – the data protection experts. No one wants to ever use a disaster recovery solution, but most businesses will suffer some form of data loss at some point – make sure you have a solution in place to recover quickly.

Recover systems and data in minutes
Minimise the loss of revenue
Transparent pricing with no hidden extras

What is a disaster?

In the context of disaster recovery, the very word “disaster” conjures up images of fire or extreme weather events such as flooding. But really, the disaster can be anything which results in the loss of your data or access to your network, including:

  • Simple human error – the most common
  • Application or server crashes
  • Failure of hardware
  • Corrupted backups
  • Post Service Pack or Upgrade issues
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RPOs and RTOs

RPOs and RTOs

When a disaster happens, getting your systems back up and running as quickly as possible is crucial to saving you money and keeping your customers happy – that’s where RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives of seconds) are important. It can also be important to restore your systems and data to the state they were in as near as possible to the disaster occurring – and that’s where RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives of seconds) come in.

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transparent pricing

Simple & transparent pricing

DRaaS solutions can often have confusing pricing models, with CPU, RAM and bandwidth costs not included. We’ve created an exceptionally simple pricing model for ClouDRaaS – a one off set up fee then monthly recurring costs based on the number of protected VMs and storage per Terabyte. There’s no hidden extras – everything is included in the unit price.

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Connectivity Solutions

If a rapid RTO is crucial, it’s important to consider the amount of data transfer that would be required to get your systems back up and running. If there’s a high volume but you have a limited data pipe, this will only lengthen your RTO. BTL have access to one of the largest private dark fibre networks in the UK and can, if necessary, provide a high speed connection from your primary site to our infrastructure.

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one click

One Click Invocation

ClouDRaaS is accessed and managed through BTL’s secure and web accessed control panel. It’s a simple process to find the required backup and restore to our recovery platform. It’s just as simple to rollback to your primary infrastructure.

managed testing

Annual Managed Testing

ClouDRaaS can be tested at any time through the control panel for complete confidence. In addition, and for extra security, BTL will perform a managed and certified invocation test once a year, included in the cost of the service.

Guaranteed performance

Guaranteed performance

There’s no need to worry that your recovery environment will be slower than your primary live environment. We guarantee that your recovered systems will perform at least as well – and with our Tier 1 infrastructure, you may even think it’s an improvement.

1Do we have a disaster recovery plan in place?
Seems obvious, but many organisations simply don’t have any backup solutions in place. Of course, everyone hopes that they’ll never actually be in a situation where they need to recover their systems and data, but a majority of organisations will experience a loss of data at some point. Depending on the type of business, the cost implications can run into thousands of pounds.
2How often do we test it?
Any DR solution is better than none! But an untested solution isn’t ideal. Would it meet the RTOs or RPOs that are necessary or expected? Has the data been corrupted? How easy is it to actually restore? Organisations may think they have everything covered, but the reality may be quite different! ClouDRaaS includes an annual managed test as part of the service.
3How would we actually invoke disaster recovery?
ClouDRaaS is triggered by logging into the BTL secure web portal and setting off the recovery process. And that’s it. Traditional DR solutions can involve hunting through tape backups, potentially held in an offsite location that may be some distance from the primary site.
4How long would it take to be back up and running?
A real consideration for any business – some could withstand a little downtime without too much impact, but any downtime will have some financial implications. For some organisations this can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds an hour. That’s why Recovery Time Objectives are so important and why ClouDRaaS can deliver RTOs measured in a few minutes or less.
5What’s the actual process for restoring files and applications? Is it manual or automated?
Manually restoring your data can be extremely time consuming and complex. With every minute you’re down affecting your revenue and reputation, this is a situation to avoid. The automated one click disaster recovery from ClouDRaaS alleviates that concern.
6Do we have the internet connectivity to cope with our volume of data?
An often overlooked variable when preparing a disaster recovery plan in the cloud! Your DR solution can be performing well under normal circumstances, backing up data, storing it securely and can even have a one click automated recovery process. But how much data would you actually have to restore in a disaster and how good is your internet connection? BTL has access to one of the largest privately owned data centre infrastructures in the UK, including a high speed dark fibre network which, for an additional fee, we can connect to your premises. This would significantly improve your RTOs.
7How would we rollback from the recovery site?
Another often overlooked aspect of disaster recovery: once your primary infrastructure has been repaired or recovered, or you’ve arranged for a new cloud environment, how do you get your data and applications back? With ClouDRaaS, it’s just as easy to rollback as it is to fail over in the first; simply log in to the control panel and trigger the process.

In association with our disaster recovery partners

Asigra Zerto
Havering Sixth Form College

"With ClouDRaaS from BTL we benefit from an enterprise class DR solution for our production infrastructure with a predictable pricing structure. We didn't have to upgrade our network, storage or servers and we are seeing RPOs of seconds with significantly reduced RTOs achieved during the regular testing. ClouDRaaS fits seamlessly into our existing infrastructure and is delivering extremely high service levels."

Graham Francis - Director of Continuous Improvement, Havering SFC

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