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Our success has been founded on considerable investment in our core infrastructure.

The benefit of that investment is clear – we have no legacy operations, practices or reliance on third parties – we are masters of our destiny. Every component of our service is built from the ground up to deliver blistering data speeds, flexible and secure storage environments and guarantees of 100% service uptime. Every element of our infrastructure is designed to deliver you peace of mind.

For example, we won’t even move data unless it’s encrypted. Every piece of data we transmit is fully encrypted before it leaves your site to guarantee complete integrity and security for the entire time it is stored in the backup vaults. This encryption guarantees your data cannot be recovered by anyone other than authorised users.

We have developed and implemented the most advanced backend storage systems available. Our vaults are designed to operate on the World’s quickest NAS Storage platforms, ensuring that we can backup and restore data in the fastest times possible.

Our multiple N+1 Asigra Vaults utilise 64-Bit Linux operating systems, enables us to process the tens of thousands of backups and restores we receive on a daily basis. All traffic is load balanced between multiple nodes, offering full fail over in the event of hardware failure.

Customers on our network have the fastest connections available, allowing them to move huge amounts of data at the highest speeds wherever they are located. Our world class service is also supported by our bespoke customer control portal, developed in house by our own technical team, this portal gives you total control and visibility of your data storage services whenever and wherever you need it.

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Our world-wide presence

World-wide presence

Our investment has resulted in 100% uptime since implementation in 2007. As an integral member of the iomart family of companies we have access to 10 UK data centres and 6 international points of presence, providing a totally redundant failover should anything adverse occur at one data centre location.

BTL in the cloud

Data security and storage is only one half of the cloud story. The cloud is only as good as the access that connects you to it. As the volume of data grows exponentially and the web becomes more media rich, so the need for high speed networks will become more and more important.

Our connections

Backup Technology uses multiple 1GB network connections connected to iomart’s wholly owned 1,860 kilometre UK dark fibre ring. Giving us total control over our connectivity & allows us to take our network right to our customers doors – a huge benefit for organisations wanting secure private cloud environments.

IB World School

“We were impressed with the testimonials we had heard about Backup Technology and arranged a trial in one part of the business to back up the file and mail servers. Less than 24 hours into the trial, the file server failed – fortunately we had the Backup Technology system in place, and we were able to fully restore all data quickly and in its entirety with no problems whatsoever – truly a baptism of fire! Needless to say, we decided to roll out to the other offices too, which was done in a matter of days.”

Jonathan Birkbeck - IBO systems engineer

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