Business continuity from Backup Technology

Minimise downtime of critical business systems in the event of a disaster.

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Onsite Business Continuity from Backup Technology

Onsite Business Continuity

Access a dedicated VM environment within the local backup appliance. Spin up VM’s on demand from any point in time to minimise downtime in the event of single or multiple server failure.

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Offsite Business Continuity from Backup Technology

Offsite Business Continuity

Increase network resiliency by adding an offsite virtual platform that can be connected to via site-to-site VPN’s or MPLS networks. Ensure continuity by having the ability to spin up an entire production environment in a matter of minutes.

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Product Breakdown

BTL will supply a dedicated VM environment within its local backup appliance. This will allow Asigra to automatically create a copy of the customer’s environment daily on completion of the backups. These VM’s can then be spun up on demand, instantly in the event of a disaster. Physical servers can also be spun up using Asigra’s P2V technology.

Having the servers instantly ready to deploy from the specified point of time gives IT administrators’ full control over their network. All data and applications hosted by your servers will continue to function as before as the backup appliance becomes part of your network. Tests can be performed with or without the help of BTL’s Asigra certified engineers, and done to suit the clients’ needs.

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By leveraging iomart data centers, BTL is able to provide their customers with a dedicated offsite vCenter that can be connected to via site-to-site VPN’s or MPLS networks. This gives the client all the benefits of co-location, within a fully managed and monitored environment. With direct access to the servers from within vCenter, IT administrators can take full control of their remote environment by spinning up servers as and when they require.

BTL are able to offer this level of resiliency and failover at a VMware or storage level, for NetApp environments. This flexibility and manageability of the customer’s hosted environment gives them both piece of mind and reassurance that in the event of a major disaster they can be backup and running in a matter of minutes rather than days.

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IB World School

“We were impressed with the testimonials we had heard about Backup Technology and arranged a trial in one part of the business to back up the file and mail servers. Less than 24 hours into the trial, the file server failed – fortunately we had the Backup Technology system in place, and we were able to fully restore all data quickly and in its entirety with no problems whatsoever – truly a baptism of fire! Needless to say, we decided to roll out to the other offices too, which was done in a matter of days.”

Jonathan Birkbeck - IBO systems engineer

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